My name is Christian Hardy, and I am a NFL addict from the football starved state of Kansas. I think, eat, sleep, breath, tweet, and write football. I absolutely love it. Writing about fantasy football has become an addiction, a dream, and a passion. I wish to one day be an NFL reporter for a newspaper or website.

As for writing, and my experience; this will be my third year actually writing my thoughts and opinions of the fantasy football world, but my ninth season playing "fake football".

I started watching football when I was only four years old when my dad would take me to the sports bar with his friend. I remember a guy on the other side of the bar always brought a full size Bengals helmet. I would always run around the bar with this over-sized helmet on my head. Anyways, this developed my passion for football with the Cowboys being my favorite team. More specifically though, I developed an obsession for fantasy football. My first time I ever played I was six years old and I shared a team with the commissioner of the league who was stationed overseas in Afghanistan, and I fell in love with the game. Then, at the age of eight, I was the owner of my very own fantasy football team. Eventually, at the age of ten, this league became a huge part of my life. I now own over twenty fantasy football teams and I am in the same league that I started in, even through all the ups and downs. From writing down stats and watching highlights at halftime to the world wide web, through all of the owners, through everything I have stayed in this league.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope you come back and check it out article after article, day after day. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, which I am constantly updating with football news and notes, @TheFFAddict, and follow my other work over at