November 12, 2011

Week 10 Game Picks

By: Christian Hardy

In week nine, Gabe and I led the way, each with a nine win, five loss record. However, we both took much different paths to get to 9-5. In the early games, I was a near perfect with my only loss coming in the Chiefs-Dolphins game. Gabe, however, struggled: He picked only four of the seven early games right. In the late games, it was much different. Gabe picked all five afternoon games right, while I limped to 3-2, and we were all locked up at 9-3. The primetime games derailed both of us; we both picked Steelers and Eagles to win, and as you know, they both lost.

Taylor and Zach both finished two games behind Gabe and I at 7-7. Gabe and I finished at 9-5. This week there are no byes which means we will pick all 16 games.

On Thursday, all of us weasels picked the Chargers to beat the Raiders, so we all start out the week on a losing streak. Remember, for each game, the title of the game will take you to ProFootballFocus' preview for that particular game. The lines come from on Saturday evening, and they are subject to change. If you aren't familiar with the staff: Gabe writes the pickups article on Mondays, Zach writes the injury report for us (when he can), and Taylor is my editor. With all of the house keeping taken care of, let's move on to those picks I've been speaking of.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 PM EST - CBS
Line: Steelers by 4
Over/Under:  41

Christian's Pick: Bengals 24, Steelers 20
Gabe's Pick: Bengals 20, Steelers 17
Zach's Pick: Steelers 17, Bengals 13

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons
1:00 PM EST - FOX
Line: Even
Over/Under: 50

Christian's Pick: Saints 27, Falcons 24
Gabe's Pick: Faclons 27, Saints 24
Zach's Pick: Falcons 35, Saints 31

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins
1:00 PM EST - FOX
Line: Dolphins by 4
Over/Under: 37.5

Christian's Pick: Dolphins 17, Redskins 13
Gabe's Pick: Dolphins 21, Redskins 14
Zach's Pick: Dolphins 13, Redskins 9

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 PM EST - CBS
Line: Chiefs by 3
Over/Under: 41.5

Christian's Pick: Chiefs 24, Broncos 21
Gabe's Pick: Broncos 24, Chiefs 23
Zach's Pick: Broncos 20, Chiefs 14

Houston Texans @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1:00 PM EST - CBS
Line: Texans by 3.5
Over/Under: 45.5

Christian's Pick: Texans 20, Buccaneers 16
Gabe's Pick: Texans 27, Buccaneers 17
Zach's Pick: Texans 27, Buccaneers 21

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts
1:00 PM EST - CBS
Line: Jaguars by 3
Over/Under: 37.5

Christian's Pick: Colts 20, Jaguars 14
Gabe's Pick: Jaguars 13, Colts 10
Zach's Pick: Jaguars 14, Colts 10

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 PM EST - FOX
Line: Eagles by 14
Over/Under: 46.5

Christian's Pick: Eagles 31, Cardinals 13
Gabe's Pick: Eagles 31, Cardinals 20
Zach's Pick: Eagles 35, Cardinals 17

St.Louis Rams @ Cleveland Browns
1:00 PM EST - FOX
Line: Browns by 2.5
Over/Under: 37

Christian's Pick: Rams 20, Browns 13
Gabe's Pick: Rams 24, Browns 17
Zach's Pick: Browns 23, Rams 13

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys
1:00 PM EST - CBS
Line: Dallas by 5.5
Over/Under: 48

Christian's Pick: Cowboys 31, Bills 30
Gabe's Pick: Cowboys 34, Bills 31
Zach's Pick: Cowboys 24, Bills 21

Tennessee Titans @ Carolina Panthers
1:00 PM EST - CBS
Line: Panthers by 3.5
Over/Under: 46.5

Christian's Pick: Panthers 27, Titans 13
Gabe's Pick: Panthers 24, Titans 21
Zach's Pick: Panthers 24, Titans 17

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks
4:05 PM EST - CBS
Line: Ravens by 6.5
Over/Under: 41

Christian's Pick: Ravens 27, Seahawks 13
Gabe's Pick: Ravens 24, Seahawks 10
Zach's Pick: Ravens 31, Seahawks 10

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears
4:15 PM EST - FOX
Line: Bears by 2.5
Over/Under: 43.5

Christian's Pick: Lions 24, Bears 20
Gabe's Pick: Lions 27, Bears 24
Zach's Pick: Lions 27, Bears 24

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers
4:15 PM EST - FOX
Line: 49ers by 3.5
Over/Under: 42.5

Christian's Pick: 49ers 20, Giants 17
Gabe's Pick: 49ers 20, Giants 17
Zach's Pick: 49ers 14, Giants 10

New England Patriots @ New York Jets
8:27 PM EST - NBC
Line: Jets by 2
Over/Under: 47

Christian's Pick: Jets 24, Patriots 20
Gabe's Pick: Patriots 28, Jets 24
Zach's Pick: Jets 24, Patriots 20

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
Monday, 8:37 PM EST - ESPN
Line: Packers by 13
Over/Under: 51

Christian's Pick: Packers 38, Vikings 24
Gabe's Pick: Packers 38, Vikings 27
Zach's Pick: Packers 41, Vikings 20

Thanks for reading. From now on there will be updates on each of our picks in the Let Them Peach. If you were wondering where my other articles went this week, I didn't get to them this week. I have had some family duties and have been really busy. Next week I will try to get back to my original schedule. On Sunday, be sure to check out my fantasy football rankings as well as all of the injury updates in the injury report. Good luck to you and all of your teams this weekend! If you have any lineup questions then check out my twitter or you can email me with your longer questions. Also Check out our experts: Gabe, Taylor, and Zach on Twitter.

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